One day closer

So many old pleasures!
Have we lost the capacity or the whim
to be a little wild and sensuous
to wander out along unknown roads
without a map?

Are we really that old?
Too old to leave
the electronic tentacles of our
cable cellphone internet broadband walkman
infested nest?

If we broke out of our habitual lives
created a new life together
in this seventy-seventh year of our lives
what would we lose?
What would we risk?

Our fortune is certainly safe
invested in memories and mementos
in images and feelings
scattered across our fifty five  years together
and apart.

Today we are one day closer to death.
Isn’t that occasion
for joyful improvisation
opening our eyes
full of one another
surrendering the sad old projection of
Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Come into the garden
let the morning air chill our skins
then warm ourselves
flesh upon flesh
in the cave of our bed.

January 5, 2010