No instructions for this game!

For the Wedding Day of Ghette and Frankie

At Christmas in 1997
my Lady Grace
     asked for a computer game
             named Myst.
It was just like marriage—
                 beautiful images,
     lots of buttons to push,
                      but no instructions!

What a wonderful trip of learning we had
            moving through the mysteries,
     the underground spaces,
                      the tracks and pathways,
          gazing at the stars and
                            pulling the levers
  to find out what would happen.

Grace and I were married
            by a judge on his day off,
           him wearing levis and tennis shoes,
    no cord and veil bearers in attendance,
       just us and our folks
                  looking out at the blue Pacific.

That was 43 years ago
         and we still go on learning this game,
      meeting each other in new ways,
                        in new places and
            spaces of love.

We send magic and mystery to you,
       dear ones,
              and the blessings of our years
   that keep getting better.

Ernie Lowe, with Grace